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          公司总经理张林峰带领全体员工坚持秉持“以人为本、开拓创新、以法治厂、诚信互利”的经营理念,坚持“以顾客为中心、以质量求生存、以创新求发展”的质量方针,不断引进新设备、新技术、新人才,生产规模 逐年扩大,经济效益稳步提高。

          Xuancheng City Hongfeng Aluminum Industry Limited Company is located in the south of Xuanzhou district development area, near S104 provincial road, convenient in transportation. Our company covers an area of over 30,000 square meters, the total assets of 30 million RMB, with an annual output of 10,000 tons of aluminum profiles production capacity. 

          Our company has 2 casting furnace, 5 extrusion lines, 1 powder coating production line, 2 grainy transfer production lines, 2 production lines for energy saving insulation wear and 1 production line for energy saving insulation casting. The main products are color painting, wood grain transfer, and other types of building profiles and industrial aluminum profiles. We have advanced production equipment and ancillary products brand quality inspection facilities. There are more than 20 series and over 1000 varieties of aluminum doors and windows. In recent years, our products gains much good reputation among customers, and sell to many cities inland, and overseas countries,

          Our company has already obtained “the National Production License for Industrial Products” and the ISO9001 Quality Management System, our logo “Xinhongfeng” has been authorized as “Xuancheng City Top Brand Products” by the related superior department.

          General Manager Zhang Linfeng guides all staffs to adhere to the management of principle "people-oriented, innovative, rule by law, integrity and mutual benefit", adhere to the quality policy “customer-oriented, to survive by quality, to develop by innovation”Constantly introducing new equipments, new technology and new talents, expand the production scale year by year,steadily improve economic benefit.